Stok Kangri Trek

Stok Kangri Trek: Why the peak got banned?

The Stok Kangri trek is the summit trek which is the highest peak in the Stok mountain range at the Himalayas in Ladakh. The peak of Stok Kangri is very popular among mountaineers, and is set at 6,154 m high, that is, 20,190 feet in height. The peak is located in the Hemis National Park.

Despite being at a high altitude in the past few years, Stok Kangri trek has become extremely popular with trekkers and climbers and often climbs in a non-technical format.

Stok Kangri Trek

But in December 2019, the All Ladakh Tour Operators Association (ALTOA) announced that Stok Kangri will be closed for treks and expeditions from 2020 for 3 years (2020-2022).

The decision was made by Stok representatives. The decision was approved by the local people as well as the Stoke village committee, known as the Stoke Nambardar Village Committee.

With the growing popularity of the Stok Kangri Peak, tourism has become a problem, especially for the locals. Since water supply in such conditions and in such places is very limited, local residents faced problems with water, and pollution of water bodies also became a problem for them.

As tourism became very popular, water supply for local residents became scarce on a daily basis and their drinking water was polluted.

The lack of irrigation water was also a cause for concern.

Stok Kangri Trek

All inhabitants of Stok and nearby villages are completely dependent on glaciers as a source of water. Thus, the balance between water use and consumption has become such an imbalance due to overcrowding and over-tourism in the past few years.

Poor resilience measures, over-tourism, lack of pollution control, and an increase in deaths and accidents due to the negligence of Trekkers, tourists and travelers without proper measures, acclimatization and methods have led to the wrong balance between the gifts that nature gives to mankind.

Therefore, a massive ignorance and disturbance of mother nature has begun and occurred.

Thus, the violation of the entire cycle led to such moves and the ban on the travel to Stok. With these three years in mind, all the pollution and obstructed water bodies created, disturbances and destruction caused by mankind will be controlled and cleansed, and the time has been chosen to create balance and heal the Himalayas.

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