Top 5 Places To Visit In Asia This Year

From sprawling cities to ancient temples, here are the best places to visit in Asia we will going to talk about. Asia is one of the most diverse and charming continents on the planet. Due to relatively low visiting costs and expanding tourism infrastructure, Asia is increasingly becoming a popular destination for travelers from all over the world.

Although some countries in Asia have many similarities, each country has its own unique culture and charm. There are so many cities to choose from; whether you are a nature lover or want to choose as beach destination as possible – it is difficult to decide where to go next in Asia.

From Bali to Vietnam, here are some of the best places to visit in Asia-

Bangkok (03 to 07 Days)

Places to visit in Asia - Bangkok

If you want to witness the traditional dance and theatre organizations that attract the tourists and locals of Thailand, Bangkok is your dream destination then. Teeming with night markets, discos and bars, this city never sleeps. Be it the Buddhist temples or the interesting culture, this city has everything to attract you. A unique blend of ancient beauty and modern culture, Bangkok is always
streaming with people.

Museums displaying vibrant artwork, to street side restaurants serving traditional food, the market stalls with stuffs you must get your hands on, this place has much to offer. Not only this, Bangkok offers you a ride on the Tuk Tuk (local rickshaw) or the breathtaking beauty experience on
the white cruise. The Thai food, the night life, the culture of Bangkok makes this city mark a place on your must visit holiday spot.

Nepal (15+ Days)

Places to visit in Asia - Nepal

If you are planning to see Heaven then you must need to visit Nepal. Usually people from all over the world come to this beautiful nation to pursue trekking owing to its massive mountain peaks, but there are other places that should certainly not be overlooked. Nepal is a country which holds countless tourist attractions and adventure tourism experiences waiting to welcome tourists from
around the globe.

Travelers whose interests lie in other activities apart from walking and trekking, will surely enjoy their sojourn in this Himalayan country with abundant memories to take back home, which is worth your hard-earned bucks. Nepal offers best hospitality and respect to the tourist as social values of Nepalese people are guided by a belief that every tourists are a form of god.

Bali (06 to 10 Days)

Places to visit in Asia - Bali

If you are a beach person and love the clear blue water and white sand, then you need to visit Bali. Nature’s beauty as it is called is famous for it’s culture and the ranges of mountains which are covered with luxurious forests, rice fields and teeming vegetation.

A perfect place to experience the culture of this Indonesian fairyland. With a must visit to experience the beauty and culture, do not forget to try your hands on the elephant safari on the alluring roads of Bali. The Balinese silver jewelry, the Batik cloth, handmade ceramics and the organic skincare products deserve a place in your shopping bags. This paradise is an amazing combination of nature’s art along with the blend of unique customs and monuments such as the stone temple.

Sikkim (15 Days)

Places to visit in Asia - Sikkim

Sikkim is also famous for Himalayas including Mount Kanchenjunga snow peaks, numerous mountain streams many of which eventually merge with river Teesta and river Rangeet, several high altitude lakes &hot springs. If you are a trek lover then Sikkim has various trek destinations like Sandakphu & Phalut, Dzongri and Goechala Trek where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

In Sikkim , There are around 5,000 varieties of flowers including orchids (over 400 types) and rhododendrons that can be seen across the state of Sikkim. In the forests of Sikkim you can spot wildlife such as snow leopards, clouded leopards, red panda, Tibetan wolf, Asian black bear and other wildlife. In the upper reaches of Sikkim, yaks can be seen in plenty that are used mostly to carry loads for locals and trekkers.

Vietnam (15 Days)

Places to visit in Asia - Vietnam

This region is famous for backpacking through the collection of islands. The Cat Ba Island is the icon of backpacking here. There are oceans, beaches, craggy peaks, mangrove forests, caverns and much more to explore in this region. If you are really looking forward to enjoy the cultural beauty of this region, you ought to visit in backpacking style.

Top activities to enjoy here are rock climbing, water sports, hiking, kayaking and much more. You can also trek through the greens to spot the endangered creature, golden Cat Ba langur and some rare flowers on the face of world. It is all about seeking natural beauty.

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