How to prevent Vomiting while traveling to the mountains?

Most people complain of nausea and vomiting while traveling in a car or bus. Often times, you experience problems such as dizziness, nervousness, nausea or vomiting, not only for a few hours, but also for three to four days while traveling, which is called motion sickness. If you, too, are afraid to travel just because you vomit while traveling, then you do not need to panic about motion sickness. Try this remedy to stop vomiting while traveling. This will not make you vomit and you will be able to fully enjoy the journey.

Keep in mind that motion sickness is not a disease, but a condition in which different signals are sent to our brains from the ear, eyes, and skin. It confuses the central nervous system. But if you are a little more careful, then it is very easy to get rid of motion sickness.

There is a myth among people that traveling on an empty stomach will not induce vomiting, but this is completely wrong. Motion sickness is more common in people traveling without food. But that doesn’t mean you should go on a heavy diet. Get out of the house with a light and healthy diet. If you have trouble vomiting while traveling, make some simple preparations before leaving the house. This simple solution will save you from this problem. Take a lemon with you when you travel. As soon as you feel anxious, immediately smell this lemon. This will refresh your mind and will not induce vomiting.

Here are some of the tricks you can use to prevent vomiting:
  • Plug in your earphones, even if you are not listening to music.
  • Avoid sitting in the rear end of the vehicle, whether it is a bus, SUV or any other vehicle.
  • Avoid looking across the windshield of the vehicle since the frequent turns and the rapidly changing scenery might end up making you feel dizzy. Instead, view the scenery through the side windows and try to look as far as possible.
  • Avoid the aisle seats in the bus at all cost. You will end up slipping from your seats every time the bus makes a sharp turn.
  • If someone in your vehicle is vomiting, avoid looking at him/her and don’t listen to the vomiting sound they make.
  • Carry lemonade/jaljeera with you, along with plain drinking water. Never drink water in a moving bus.
  • If you feel more problem during traveling , then you should take medicine like AVOMINE , 15 min before traveling but after consulting a doctor.
  • Don’t read anything during traveling, because it produces confusion between eyes and ‘Vestibule system’.
  • Avoid playing games.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Don’t eat anything just before of the journey.
  • Avoid foods with salts.
  • Avoid foods of milk and their products
  • Open side door of the vehicle to get fresh air and look outer of the vehicle( it vanishes confusion in mind) and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • If you feel like vomiting, just take it with a pinch of sugar or shake and keep sucking.
  • Chewing basil leaves will not cause vomiting.
  • Apart from this, keep lemon and mint juice in a bottle and drink it little by little.
  • Slice the lemon, sprinkle it with black paper and lick it. This will keep your mind healthy and will not cause vomiting.

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