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Trek Junky is India's leading adventure trip provider company who firmly believes in the beauty of individual and personalized adventure. Trek Junky aims to abandon the concept of all-inclusive trips and is on the way to revolutionizing trekking in India. Trek Junky organizes treks and trips to the Himalayas and allows you to explore places that are difficult to locate on maps. With a well-experienced team, we will provide you with the proper guidance and ensure your safety while you enjoy the beauty of the mountains. We bring you an extensive adventure platter and help create those highlights while exploring India's best treks. Our local guides have been trained by mountaineering institutes to help you navigate the land and make you feel comfortable in the surroundings. We understand the value, determination and time that a person invests in tracking their trails on intricate uphill routes and does not diminish the eagerness to push the boundaries and make the adventure worthwhile. Hence, we offer inexpensive itineraries and organize trips covering all trekking levels, from beginner to advanced. Trek Junky will provide you with the best local guides, a first aid kit, trekking equipment and other essentials to ensure a quality service based on the resources available in the wild. So leave all your worries and look forward to the adventure with our preparations. If you are tired of the same old trekking packages in India, contact us for an adventure that will forever remain in your memory. Book trekking and backpacking tours with Trek Junky and take a dive to awake your adrenaline junky inside you.


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